How to Obtain St Kitts Nevis Citizenship

Individuals can obtain St Kitts Nevis Citizenship

By making a contribution into the Government of St.Kitts Sugar Diversification Fund, commonly called the SIDF Option.

St Kitts Citizenship by Investment Sugar Foundation Option

This is option allows the investor to make a onetime non-refundable cash contribution to the Government in the following amounts.

Obtaining St Kitts Citizenship by the SIDF Method

St Kitts Citizenship for a Single applicant: US$ 250,000

St Kitts Citizenship for Applicant with three dependants (spouse and two children ) : US$ 300,000

St Kitts Citizenship for  Applicant with five dependants (spouse and four children): US$ 350,000

St Kitts Citizenship for Applicant  with up to seven dependants: US$ 450,000

Additional contribution for each dependant above seven: US$ 50,000

Additional contribution for children over 18 years: US$ 50,000